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I have three main courses available subject to your requirements.

These include;-

  1. The Basics of Successful Trading
  2. The Pivot Trader Professional Trading
  3. The AB3 Strategy and auto-trader for MT4
These are all available online and have support available. 

The basics of successful trading

Around 72% of forex traders have never traded any other markets, and have very little in the way of knowledge of the market they are trading.

This course discusses the absolute basics which you need, to have any chance to succeed. In the sections I cover the foundations of technical analysis and make you aware of the key fundamentals everyone trading forex should know. Now you might be thinking that you really just want the strategies, but the content here is used by every professional trader day in, day out.

The aim of the content is to get you on the road to being a successful trader. You have the option of buying on its own for just £97 or alternatively you will receive it with any of my courses free of charge.

The Pivot Trader - Professional analysis, techniques and strategies

This course covers professional analysis, techniques and strategies. It includes pivot analysis and statistics, access to an order book and the AB3 strategy which has a option to automate the trades on an MT4 platform. 

Being given a strategy is one thing, seeing them traded in live markets is another thing altogether. That is why I provide 3 months of support with this course. This includes my trading room and private Telegram channel. Plus in order to help traders achieve their desired outcomes, I also offer a monthly one-to-one.

The strategies are all based on statistics, which are relevant at the time. I know that some strategies work for some of the time, but not all of the time. Therefore the content of my courses may be subject to change. These changes are free to any of my Trading Room subscribers, so long as they subscribe.

So what does it cost? The content offered here could easily be demand at least £1000 and often up to £10,000 with some educators for inferior content and no support. 

I am currently offering it for just £297 which includes, the course content, 3 months in my trading room complete with private APP and 3 free one-to-one mentoring sessions.

The AB3 strategy and MT4 EA (Auto-Trader)

The AB3 strategy is a relatively simple rules driven strategy. It comes as part of the Pivot Trader Professional Trading course or as a standalone strategy. 

Currently it is only traded on one pair on one time frame. It is easy to test (on the right software) so further pairs could be added. As with any strategy it gives far better results on some currency pairs than others. You will be updated on the results on a regular basis. 

There great thing about the Expert Adviser (Auto-Trader) is, it lets you leave it running with the minimal of fuss meaning you can be taking trades whilst you are away from your screens. This comes with the necessary software and membership of a private Telegram support channel. Plus it can even be loaded onto your system for you.

The cost of the standalone strategy with MT4 EA is just £297 with 6 months support.

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