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Trading education and theory is great. You can get lots of free stuff out there on the internet, but that does not really teach you how to trade. Trading is an art that is best seen live with current price action in real time. That is the reason I run my live trading sessions. 

My aim is to educate and help motivate you providing you with a pathway to success.  Become a premium member of the Pivot Trader to take your trading to the next level. My focus is on Position, Swing and Day Trades predominantly on forex although I also analyse the major indices, gold and oil. 

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‘I can highly recommend Kym’s service, whether you’re new to trading or have been active in the markets for a while. Although trades are called, the main objective is to teach members how to trade successfully and learn the ‘ins’ and ‘outs’ of the financial markets.’
Kym introduced me to a new way of trading, “teaching me to fish” rather than simply just “feeding me fish,” the simple trading strategy taught by Kym along with the full analysis of the markets, few indicators and uncluttered charts allow you to see the price action and market directions. His educational material, webinars and tutorials are clear and concise, and I really enjoy the atmosphere and community spirit within the trading room, discussing trades and trading opportunities as they arise and giving you a fantastic opportunity and environment in which to learn and grow.
'Thanks to Kym, I have learnt more over my first three weeks in the room, than I have in the last two years trying to do it on my own with YouTube vids. Many Thanks.'
I have been attempting to trade for over a year, through the likes of paid courses and Youtube. Being with The Pivot Trader for over a month now has been far more valuable than anything before. The morning daily sessions with Kym are priceless. The ability to receive live feedback and information about the markets is an absolute game changer for your trading journey. If you're looking to learn to trade then you're in the right place!

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