Money Manager

Money manager

One of the biggest reasons that traders fail, is that they start with insufficient funds. This combined with great expectations, results in losses. There are some options that are low risk, but which if you get it right, has much larger potential returns regardless of your starting capital. One way to achieve this is by becoming a money manager. 

If you do not know how to correctly position size a trade and are really not sure how to trade, then this is not for you at the moment. You can learn these trading basics from my ‘Basics of Successful Trading’ course. 

If you are on the cusp of regularly making money or have a track record of making money, then there are two opportunities which are available to you now.

It is not about doing 10% per month, that is unrealistic over the long term. Just making an average 1% a month is more important as profits are compounded over the year. 

Introducing Darwinex Zero

Having done my analysis and having had a chance to talk to a number of the companies, it was a easy decision. 

The difference between Darwinex and the others, is that they are setting you up to win, whereas the others set you up to lose. Their business model is based on attracting consistent traders. They are not looking for one time wonders, that hit 10% one month and lose more the next

How does it work?

D-Zero caters to two types of clients;-

  • Clients who are new to trading but who are realistic and are looking to do things correctly from day one. It’s possible that there may also be people who have had a bad experience in the past but who are looking to start over.
  • Clients who are looking to monetize their trading strategy because they have an existing track record and believe they can continue to beat the market.